Community Marketing

We create & nurture online communities that parents love. 

Our owned communities have more than 700,000 engaged members. And for them,  we build and publish fantastic content using our inhouse production team. 

Whether you’re looking to reach a specific community or create one of your own, we’re the experts who understand the right platforms, the right approach and the right timing. 

Dadsnet’s portfolio of communities is unmatched when it comes to reaching dads (& mums). No other media company offers the one-stop shop for scale, targeting and scale when parents are concerned.

With that, our commercial team is committed to helping your brand build a better and more impactful connection with our audience.


Our communities spanning over 700,000 parents





Video content is becoming evermore a fundamental driver for digital growth. From custom made adverts for the UK Gov, to visualising podcast interviews with Matt Edmondson; video is critical for a digital strategy.

Our in-house production team create data-driven videos that spark engagement & discussion within our communities and beyond.


Dadsnet’s ever-growing roster of unique & independent podcasts is the heart of our most engaged audience. 

With access to over 10 podcasts, pulling in 100,000 ears a month, we have charting titles that are building huge followings. 


Social media is a hugely powerful and direct channel for our followers to connect with our content, shows & brands at the pick up of a phone.

At Dadsnet we’ve created the biggest, most engaged and unique social media platform specifically aimed at Dads in the UK and beyond.


Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years. Here at Dadsnet Group we’ve built our own management agency that seeks out the very best UK based creative talent. 

Each creator, whether on our exclusive roster or wider database, has been through a vetting process to check for authenticity.

If you’re looking for 1 influencer or 20, we can help.