JK & Al

JK & Al, hosted by JK (Heart Drivetime with Kelly Brook) & Al (the founder of Dadsnet), is THE parenting entertainment podcast. From celebrity interviews, to parenting stories from our community & beyond, Dad Jokes & Top 5’s, this show has everything you need to get you through your morning commute.


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Adam & Cockney John’s Big Movie Podcast

The latest cinema releases, new streaming films, and forgotten gems – if there’s a new movie out, Adam and Cockney John’s Big Movie Podcast has you covered.

These two long-time friends review and rate films new and old in a way that only they can, with the weight of their shared history behind them! Special guests also make appearances from time to time, from Adam’s dad, to his daughter, Isla.


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2 Mr P’s In A Podcast

Welcome to the Two Mr Ps in a Pod(Cast) website! A podcast which shares all the funny and hilarious stories from the classroom. Mr P (ICT_MrP) and his younger brother Mr P, both working in the classroom, share your funny stories about life in school.

We want to hear your confessions, stories and experiences whether you are a teacher, teaching assistant, student or caretaker.

​Everyone has been to school so everyone has a special memory or story about their experience and we want to hear it!


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Self Care Club

The advice for self-care today is endless and can be yet another overwhelming job. Every week they try a different self care practice, live it to the letter for a week and report back to you on the results.

Will it actually improve your wellbeing or will it be another waste of your time?

Part reality, part experiment, this podcast tests out self-care, so you don’t have to. 

Previous partners have included Dash,


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How To Be A Dad

The How To Be A Dad Podcast is the world’s 1st podcast that accompanies a dad’s journey through fatherhood; from the initial moment that he finds out he’s going to be a father to their 1st birthday.

The series is hosted by Al Booth, who has spent about half his life working as a radio presenter and is known for his chatty interview style. His Yorkshire accent is the perfect blend of soothing reassurance that calms down any worried new dad!

Previous sponsors have included Milton!


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The Ick Podcast

Dadsnet is the largest, and most engaged community of dads in the UK.

The mission to simply connect dads is rooted in our belief that dads are a fundamental component for a better society and just like mums, they need as much support as possible.

You’ll find Dadsnet across all the major social media platforms.

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Little Conversations

Little Conversations is a podcast that celebrates all the wonderful, hilarious and flabergasting things that children say.

In this limited edition series, invited dads from across Dadsnet have asked their children the big questions. From who the boss is in their household to where they’d like hide their superhero hideout (apparently Ireland is a good option!)

In true form, the answers these kids share are hilarious – so once you’ve had a listen, why not ask your children some of the questions and see what they say! 

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