Lee Parkinson

Lee Parkinson, Mr P, has been a Primary School Teacher for 15 years, during which time he has built a wealth of ideas for how technology can be embedded right across the curriculum. He continues to work part time in school and also leads CPD and INSET training throughout the UK and beyond focusing on raising standards in the classroom through technology. Through his humorous and engaging approach to life in the classroom, he has been able to support and help teachers transform their curriculum to inspire, empower and make learning more purposeful and accessible for their pupils. Mr P is passionate about helping as many teachers get a decent work/life balance. He takes a blunt and frank approach to certain classroom practices before sharing ideas and approaches that help raise standards without creating unnecessary workload.

From sharing helpful advice, inspiring ideas and funny insights into life in the classroom, he has become one of the most followed teachers in the UK online. Mr P can also be seen as the resident ‘go to’ teacher on This Morning, alongside creating content in the education space for the BBC.

He is also the host of Two Mr Ps in a Podcast, a podcast that shares funny stories from the classroom.The award-winning podcast has amassed over 5 millions listens and has completed a nationwide Live tour selling 10,000 tickets. His two books – Put A Wet Paper Towel On It and This Is Your Own Time You’re Wasting – have both been Sunday Times Best Sellers.