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We work with a growing roster of UK social creators across the lifestyle, food, fashion & beauty, entertainment, sport, DIY, fitness, and education industries. DN Talent partners with brands, agencies and publishers to find the most suitable commercial deals to reach these engaged audiences. 

We believe that advertising goes beyond an image, a video, or a story. Instead, it should be about moments, relatable moments that show authentic conversation.


Husband and Father of two. Sam loves staying fit, fishing & travel and has a knack for capturing beautiful photographs.


Raising 2 girls, on an island just off the coast of England, Libby is all about supporting local, encouraging healthy eating and supporting parents.


Olly is a dad outnumbered by the girls in his household. A skilled social media manager by profession, he's the master of reels & TikTok.


Carley is a mum to twin girls and has a love for interior design. Her style theme is, unsurprisingly, an @allwhitehouse!


Mum of two based in Essex, Alicia shares life experience to both inform and entertain.


Michael, Paul and their beautiful boys. The Atwal-Brices are multi award winning disability advocates.


A music producer and Dad of 3, Greg gives a brilliant look at what 21st Century fatherhood looks like. From daily goals promoting positivity and happiness to dressing up as princess Elsa.


Lee is a primary school teacher, podcast host (2.5m downloads & 50k weekly listeners) & and the father to triplets!


Zoe is mum to twin girls and loves to show the three of them in matching outfits in gorgeous snaps in various locations. In case you didn’t guess from all of the stunning hair moments, Zoe's day job is a hairdresser.


Mum of 3, singer & Instagrammer, Chloe uses her channel to give an insight into authentic motherhood.


If you thought having triplets was hard, try being a paramedic on top.


Kwadwo is our resident fashion icon, providing outfit inspiration be sure to check his stories for how to get the latest looks for less! You’ll be sure to have shoe envy...


Atima is a force to be reckoned with: mum to twins, tech company director, women’s health advocate.

How We Work

1. Campaign Management

As well as our own exclusive talent roster, DN Talent has a vast database of UK influencers all looking to work with relevant brands. If you’re looking to run a full end-to-end influencer marketing campaign, we can deliver this for you.

Utilising our personal approach, our ‘local’ knowledge of the parent influencer world and our experience working with influencers, we out-perform those automated, AI platforms that dominate the market. We balance scale and quality in perfect harmony.


2. Talent Management

Our growing roster of talent is diverse, creative and authentic.

The world of influencer marketing is saturated with ‘Instaperfect’ images and channels where one influencer looks like the next. We’re building a roster of talent that bucks that trend, each creator offering something genuine and unique.

If you’re looking for talent to be part of your campaign, you know that each and every one of our creators has been hand picked for a reason and those reasons are why you should have them on your campaign.

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