5 years ago, a Facebook (Meta) executive stood up at their annual summit and announced that Dadsnet was the most meaningful community on the platform. We were selected from the entirety of Facebook to join them on a journey to explore the potential for digital communities. 

Community, on & offline, is in our DNA. It’s what we do. These communities bring together 1,000,000 parents and provide the epicentre for us to publish the content we create. 


Dadsnet is the most meaningful & engaged dad community in the UK.

It’s rooted in the belief that father’s are critical to raising the next generation and have a positive impact on the future for our children.

You will find Dadsnet across all major social media platforms.

Many household brand names work with the Dadsnet community to entertain, educate, and most importantly engage. Recent clients include Ring, Defra, BBC Studios and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club… to name but a few!


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dad jokes

Best Dad Jokes is a social community providing a safe space for dads to let loose with their sense of humour.

Our pages and groups help members to have a chuckle at any point during the day or night. We inspire dads to share jokes with their children and most importantly, their partners.

Big and small brands alike work with the Best Dad Jokes community to reach over half a million. Some of the latest clients to work with Best Dad Jokes include Alton Towers & cBeebies.


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family camping

Family Camping UK is a community dedicated to getting families out and about in the great outdoors and sleeping under the stars.

Even the hardiest of campers will be hard pushed not to learn something about family camping from this community, from avoiding tepid bacon in your cool box to how you get the kids to sleep past 4:30am.

The newest community within Dadsnet Media Group, collaborations so far have included Helly Hanson, Draper Tools, Vango & Thule.


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