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“The most meaningful community of Dads on Facebook” 

Alex Deve, Product Management Director at Facebook


Dadsnet is the most meaningful and impactful community for dads on Facebook, according to those at Facebook. 

Our mission to ‘reposition fatherhood’ is rooted in the belief that all dads, no matter your background, face the same challenges and should have access to the same resources & support networks.

Dadsnet is the go-to place for fathers to find entertainment, engagement, solidarity and support.



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Dadsnet is uniquely positioned

If you want to know how many dads are doing the weekly shop, or how often dads buy razors or what the most important factor is when buying a new drill… we can tell you. 

Insight is critical to impactful marketing and so many brands are stabbing on the dark, making content that they ‘think’ will cause & provoke a response. 

With Dadsnet insight, you no longer need to guess. 


did more cooking, laundry & cleaning during lockdown


have a significant influencer on the weekly shop


spent more time on developmental activities with their kids during lockdown


purchase a new car every 3 - 5 years


would like to spend more time on self care


have a household income of £40,000+

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