Dadsnet Christmas Gift Guides 2022




In 2021 Dadsnet released their Top 20 toys for Christmas. This definitive list, chosen by dads, was viewed over 5,000 times with a click rate of 20%. We’re now building on this success in 2 ways: 
  1. Exclusivity – it’s now our Top 10 products meaning those included really are the very best gifts on the market this year!
  2. Categories – we’re not just doing toys this year… Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her & Gifts for the Home! (Which is arguably also for her…😂) 

Data from our members shows that Dads will buy after they have researched the product – but would like to spend less time having to research. And this is where our gift guides come in. 

We have done the research for them. We’ve highlighted the best products for the kids, themselves, their partners and the home. 

Be part of our exclusive, popular and powerful gift guides. 


 Here’s how it works:


Step 1:

Enter your product for consideration for just £100 + VAT

Step 2:

Send us a sample (only 1 required) 

Step 3:

We’re inviting a select group of dads to decide which products are the best and deserve a spot in the Top 10

Step 4:

We’ll publish the Gift Guides in the following ways: 

1.  On with links, images & product description

2. A PDF & JPG catalogue that we’ll share across Dadsnet social media

3. During our live Christmas Gift Guide show streamed to 360,000 Facebook followers (date TBC)


Can we get a VAT receipt?

Yes. We will issue VAT receipts once the entries window has closed.

Will I get an email confirmation?

Yes, you should receive an email straight after entering which will have details of where to send your product.

If you have any questions, drop us a line

Key Dates

30th September – Gift Guide Opens

31st October – Entries close

4th November – Deadline for sending samples

10th November – Content Publishing

TBC – Live Streamed Gift Guide show on Dadsnet Facebook