Opportunity: Dadsnet Product Awards 2024:


WIN big in this years most prestigious Dad product awards

The Dadsnet Awards: Rewarding the very best parenting & toy products in the UK, chosen by dads.


As the UK’s biggest parenting platform that targets fathers, we’ve gained 2 million followers who use our communities for honest recommendations, high-ranking reviews and video content unpacking the products.

And our winners get 3 pieces of coverage:

👉🏽 A full review on Dadsnet.com
👉🏽 A video review on our YouTube channel
👉🏽 A dedicated social media post

And… We’ve slashed the entry fee to a mere £150!

(Tell me how that compares to Made for Mums or LBP… 🤭)


And one other thing… we only ask for 1 sample! Yep. One. Uno. Eins. Un. Ett.

Wanna see what we do with our video reviews?  👇🏽

So, I guess the questions you need to answer are these:

1️⃣ Do you value dads?

2️⃣ Do you think you can win?

3️⃣ Do you want one of these shiny badges?

In just 2 months time you could be ringing up your graphic designer & social media guy asking them to add your gold award badge to the packaging & social media. 

…(and we don’t charge you to use the badge either.)

By entering the Dadsnet Awards you’ll get:

👉🏽 Bespoke Dadsnet Awards logo for Gold, Silver and Bronze winners, FREE of charge (no licensing fees).

👉🏽 Showcase editorial coverage for GOLD winners on dadsnet.com.

👉🏽 Every winning product will have a click-to-buy link!

👉🏽 Video reviews, including long & short form content for selected GOLD winners.

👉🏽 Engaging social media posts to promote the winners, including Instagram and Facebook.

👉🏽 Our Awards are unique in as much as we only require 1 sample and we put that sample in front of our team of dad testers .

👉🏽 Access to Dadsnet Media Group for wider marketing opportunities, inclusive of 50% discounts.

👉🏽 Winners will be the first to hear about marketing partnerships with Dadsnet.

92% of dads are more likely to buy something that has been recommended by Dadsnet. 



Travel System
Car seat
Baby carrier
Travel accessory
Travel cot

Sleep and nursery
Crip / Moses basket
Sleeptime accessory
Baby monitor
Nursery furniture
Baby bouncer/rocker & swing

Breast pump
Feeding product
Baby bottle
Baby & toddler food
Weaning & feeding product

Bathtime and skincare
Bathtime product or accessory
Skincare product
Body wash / soap

Bathtime product
Reusable nappy
Skincare product
Teething & oral care
Potty & toilet product
Change bag
Changing accessory

Eco toys
Educational toy
Outdoor toy
Construction toy
Sensory toy
Soft toy

Children’s Fashion
Clothing range
Children’s outdoor clothing/active wear
Children’s shoe
Sleepsuits & pyjamas

Special Awards
Sustainable/eco-friendly product
Game-changer parenting product
Cost-saving parenting product
Everyday parenting essential
Innovation of the year
Technology product
Dad Product
Parenting brand of the year

Nb. Categories are subject to change.